Topsoil Quality Assessment

In conjunction with our approved network of associate laboratories we can provide a comprehensive soil quality assessment service.  

  • Laboratory Testing

Our soil scientists can provide a testing specification dependent upon the soil type and proposed end use, which is then undertaken at one of our approved associate laboratories. Topsoil quality is commonly determined in accordance with the British Standard, BS3882:2007 Specification for Topsoil and Requirements for Use, which covers a range of parameters including pH, electrical conductivity, organic matter content, stone content, texture and nutrient status (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium). Specific suites can be tailored for other soil types or end uses, such as subsoil, sports pitches or wildflower planting for example. If deemed necessary as a result of past use of a site it may be necessary to supplement the testing with a suite of potential contaminants. Our Soil Scientists will be able to prepare a site specific suite to assess potential risks that may arise from chemical contaminants.

  •  Interpretative Reports 

The test results will be interpreted by our Soil Scientists and summarised in a summary report, giving an assessment of the quality of the soil for the proposed landscaping end use and an assessment of any risks that may arise from the presence of potential contaminants.  The report would include recommendations for amelioration where necessary to ensure that the soil is suitable for landscape planting or to bring it up to the chosen specification through the application of lime, compost or fertilisers.