TGEN Services for Landscape Architects and Landscape Contractors

TGEN can provide a wide range of services to landscape architects and landscape contractors to support the succesful creation of a wide range of landscape schemes. Soil is a valuable resource in any development and where possible we recommend that the services of a qualified and experienced soil scientist be engaged at the outset to ensure that the quality of the resource be protected and retained. These services may be engagaed prior to a development commencing, during development or after a development has been completed.


  • Soil Surveys (greenfield and brownfield) are carried out by TGEN to identify the range of soil types on a site in combination with chemical testing to determine the quality/fertility of the soil. Valuable soil resources can be identified and a specification compiled to include good practice techniques for stripping, storage and reinstatement to ensure that the soil quality (physical and chemical) is retained to provide the optimum conditions for planting. Landscape architects can use the information to make informed decisions on species selection for the intended planting scheme.
  • Source Assessment is routinely undertaken by TGEN on behalf of landscape architects and landscape contractors in instances where there are insufficient, suitable soils on site necessitating soils being imported to make up the short fall. This service involves visiting soil suppliers and carrying out an assessment supported by laboratory testing to determine the suitability of the source for use in the proposed landscape planting scheme.
  • Specifying the correct soils for a particular planting scheme is essential for succesful establishment. Often a range of specifications are required for different types of planting required as part of the landscape planting scheme and TGEN can compile a range of performance specifications for inclusion within the project brief.

During Development

  • Site Supervision can be carried out by TGEN throughout a project to ensure that any earthworks (stripping, stockpiling etc.) are carried out in accordance with best practice guidance and/or a prescribed specification. TGEN adopt a pragmatic approach when working with landscape contractors and ground workers to ensure a practical, coherent approach to the protection of soils is adopted.
  • Routine Monitoring can be carried out by TGEN as part of any site supervision works and commonly includes testing of soils (site won or imported) at a given rate to ensure consistency of the materials.

Post Development

  • Ongoing Maintenance may require TGEN to visit the site and assess soils to determine any changes in fertility status in order to specify any soil amelioration (compost, fertilisers etc.) required to maintain and support healthy growth.
  • Planting Failures unfortunately can occur where soils have not been specified or managed effectively. In these instances soil scientists from TGEN can visit the site, inspect the soils and supported by laboratory testing compile a remedial action plan.

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