The Millennium Dome

The Millennium Dome, one of the UK’s most recognised landmarks is located on the Greenwich peninsula in south-east London. After seven years of planning, and construction the Dome opened on 1st January 2000, to mark the advent of the third millennium, it was the result of seven years of planning, design and construction. The Millennium Dome is built on the site of a former gasworks, which occupied the area for approximately 100 years. The site was classesd as brownfield having become extremely contaminated during the life of the gas works, as a result it had been derelict and used for fly-tipping for over a decade before the decision was made to remediate and develop the area.

Earthworks outside the Milennium Dome

Despite having a predicted lifespan of 25 years, the Millennium Dome closed to visitors on 31st December 2000 and has been used only sporadically since. In 2005 the decision was made to transform the Dome, plans for the site and the surrounding area include: 

  •  Theatre 
  •  10 Screen Cinema
  •  Music Club 
  •  Outdoor Arena 
  •  Sports Arena 
  •  Restuarants & Bars 
  •  10 000 New Homes

The new Milennium Dome Complex is due to open in 2007.