Soil & Landscape Science

Soil Survey

Whether your site is a large scale high profile development or a small scale residential project, good soil management is essential for success. At TGEN our team of Professional Soil Scientists can apply their extensive experience of sites and soils to provide a tangible benefit to your landscape project.

In general most sites and soils are best assessed through a combination of on-site survey and an appropriate schedule of laboratory testing. Our soil scientists manage all aspects of such projects from start to finish. In all instances our advice is practical, cost-effective and concise and aims to provide sustainable solutions to landscaping issues.

Whatever the scale of development, we recommend that a Professional Soil Scientist be commissioned as part of the project team. This ensures a “Best Practice” approach is followed to manage the valuable soil resource, which is essential to achieving success. Our comprehensive range of services in this field, cover the following:-

  • Soil Survey & Resource Assessment
  • Topsoil Quality Assessment
  • Topsoil Manufacture and Compost
  • Sports Pitches
  • Solutions to Planting Failures
  • Pond Management

For additional information on any of your soil science requirements then please see the associated pages or contact Paul Brewer for further advice.

All of our Soil and Landscape projects are managed by experienced consultants whom are members of:-

  • Institute of Professional Soil Scientists (IPSS)
  • British Society of Soil Science (BSSS)