Soil Survey & Resource Assessment

Good quality soil is a valuable resource for any type of development. Careful management should ensure that the integrity of the resource is protected and therefore available for re-use on-site as part of a landscaping scheme or for economic benefit and re-sale off-site. Topsoil can vary across a site, in terms of fertility, depth, texture, drainage potential and stoniness, all of which may have implications for its quality and therefore its value as a resource and subsequent management options that would be recommended.

  • Greenfield Soil Survey

We provide an experienced member of the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists to visit the site and conduct an intrusive investigation, including a full visual assessment of the physical characteristics of the soil profile to determine the volume of “as dug” soil available. During the soil survey representative samples are selected for laboratory analysis to determine the chemical quality of the soil resource. 

  • Brownfield Soil Survey

In addition to assessing the fertility status of soils from sites with a former usage, our multi-disciplinary team also has the experience to provide detailed assessments of any potential contamination that may be encountered, whether it be physical or chemical, from both a human and/or plant-health point of view.  

  • Best Practice Advice

The findings of our soil surveys are presented in a comprehensive report, detailing the quality and quantity of the resources available and providing recommendations for improving the physico-chemical quality of the soils, mitigating any and “Best Practice” advice for soil handling, stripping, storage and stockpile management and re-spreading, all of which can be incorporated into the specification for landscape works.