TGEN Services for Groundwork Contractors

TGEN can provide a wide range of advice and services to groundwork and civil engineering contractors involved in the development of sites. This may include:-

  • Tender Review - detailed assessment of tender documents and previous site investigation reports to quantify the anticipated volumes of arisings and their likely classification for disposal off site as waste. Where necessary this assessment may be backed by additional site investigation, soil sampling and laboratory analysis. A report would be produced detailing proportions or volumes of arisings by disposal category (hazardous, stable non-reactive hazardous, non-hazardous, inert) together with recommendations for managing any waste disposal.
  • On Site Supervision - a geo-environmental engineer from TGEN can visit the development site before, during and after the developmnent to carry out a wide range of on site works:-
    • Assessment of any unexpected contamination encountered during excavations.
    • Supervision of the removal of any hotspots of contamination.
    • Validation sampling to confirm the satisfactory removal of any contamination.
    • Routine sampling of soil arisings.
    • Formation inspection and assessment including in-situ tests where required.
    • Implementation of environmental monitoring programmes - gas, groundwater, discharge water noise, dust etc.
  • Liaison - during the project a geo-environmental engineer from TGEN would provide the client with regular updates on progress and where required will attend regular meetings with the project team and if necessary liaise directly with the statutory authorities.
  • Reporting - all of the information gathered during the project would be presented in a final closure report, which would document the works undertaken, detail any remediation and summarise the results of any testing or monitoring.