TGEN Services for Architects

At the conceptual stage of a project a Phase 1 PRA (desk study) is often commissioned in order to support a planning application and can provide architects with valuable information about a site, informing the overall design. A TGEN Phase 1 PRA report includes information on:-

  • Geology and ground conditions - can be used to inform preliminary foundation design.
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology - can be used to inform likely risks from flooding and the necessity for flood mitigation measures.
  • Current and historic landfills - can be used to inform the likely requirement for gas protection measures.
  • Environmental risk assessment - can be used to inform the likelihood that contamination may be present on the site and the likely need for further investigation and/or remediation.

Identifying such issues at the outset of a project allows the need for additional information, either to finalise the design of the scheme, to support the application or to develop a better understanding of the site, to be determined and where necessary incorporated into the programme of a development. This then allows architects to make informed decisions on a scheme and to adopot a holistic approach to additional investigations ensuring that the need to revise designs to allow for unforseen circumstances is minimised or even avoided.

TGEN Phase 2 contaminated land investigations and GQRA/DQRA are routinely combined with geotechnical investigations, flood risk assessments, materials surveys, ecology surveys etc. Carrying out investigations investigations in a complimentary manner ensures that costs are minimised and that information is shared across the various disciplines. This ensures a comprehensive and coordinated approach to the assessment of a site and results in integrated schemes being progressed.

All sites and scenarios are different, which as a result means that investigations need to be tailored to our clients specific requirements. Therefore at TGEN we aim to ensure that all aspects of our site investigations not only address the specific requirements of our clients, but also address the demands of the local planning authority, the Environment Agency and the NHBC within the regulatory and planning framework.

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