Topsoil Manufacture and Compost

Across the UK, particularly in London and the South East “natural” soils are rarely available in significant quantities for landscape schemes. On development sites there is often a need to make up a shortfall of available resource. Importing good quality “natural” topsoil may not be economically or logistically possible.  At TGEN, our Soil Scientists are experienced in the assessment of mineral and organic resources that may be blended to form a soil medium for landscape restoration schemes. The re-use and recycling of “site won” materials would be in accordance with current UK policy, which through the planning mechanism advocates a sustainable approach to development.

  •  Assessment of Mineral & Organic Resource

Sites that are devoid of natural topsoil may possess other mineral resources such as subsoil that may be generated during development. Through a combination of on-site soil survey and laboratory analysis, our Soil Scientists would identify suitable horizons that may be recovered for re-use, reducing or even negating the requirement for off-site disposal to landfill. Similarly, organic soil builders may be available, for example “green compost”, the quality of which can be physically and chemically assessed through a combination of inspection and laboratory analysis.

  •  Blending Specification

A target specification for the resultant soil would then be set dependent upon the performance requirements of the proposed scheme e.g. sports pitch or woodland restoration. The results of the testing on both the mineral and organic components would be used to calculate a blending ratio to achieve the target specification.

  •  Validation Exercise

Validation is first carried out on a trial blend to determine whether the target specification has been achieved. If necessary, alterations to the blending ratio would be recommended. During the blending operation a suitable programme of regular sampling and testing would be designed to monitor the quality of the soil produced. &nbsp