Contaminated Land Investigation for Pre-Acquistion Surveys and Due Diligence

The investigation of potential land contamination and assessment of the wider environmental risk is an essential part of any pre-aquisition or due diligence investigation to identify liabilities associated with the acquisition of any site.

Liabilities associated with land contamination, both current and historic, may be below the surface and not immediately apparent and failure to properly assess such risks can result in purchasers facing large unforseen costs. It is essential that as part of any land transaction the purchaser is able to quantify their future liabilities relating to land contamination in the context of their proposed use or development of the land to make an informed decision as part of the purchasing process.

Conversely an accurate assessment of land contamination and associated environmental risks, liabilities and costs may also present opportunities, especially in cases where previously those risks have been considered prohibitive to a land transaction or development.

Our pre-aquistion and due diligence surveys of land are essential for purchasers, vendors and lenders and are presented in a concise fashion to provide a clear assessment of risk. They are also designed to outline any potential costs associated with the management of land contamination related to any proposed development of the site after the purchase has been completed. This allows not only a comprehensive understanding to the risks and liabilities associated with the acquisition of a site, but also future risks and liabilities associated with developing or operating that site.

At TGEN our site investigations and risk assessments are commonly undertaken as part of a pre-acquisition or due diligence survey and can be tailored to assess the risk and liabilities associated with the purchase and future use or development of a site. Should you require any further advice or wish to discuss a particular site or project then contact us at