Wembley Stadium

The original Wembley stadium was built as part of the British Empire Exhibition, it was completed in 1922. Its first event, the white horse cup final took place in 1923 in front of a crowd of 200 000 spectators. Over the next 80 years the stadium hosted countless events however in the late 1990's it was decided that a new, larger and more modern stadium was required to host sporting and entertainment events in the new millennium.

Wembley stadium is due to be completed by autumn 2006 and will open in 2007, when finished it will have a capacity of up to 90 000 and be a multipurpose stadium hosting football, athletic and concert events, including events scheduled for the 2012 olympics. The trademark twin towers will be replaced with 133m high arch which according to the Guinness book of records will be worlds largest arch.